International Conference on Women and Politics

International Conference on Women and Politics

Researchers and activists are invited to submit paper and/or panel proposals for this conference discussing contributions of women to politics.

The historical contribution is particularly relevant as ‘her’ story in politics is still missing in academic work. It has been 100 years since first woman took a seat in the British Parliament, however, it seems as if past prejudices do not differ much from the ones expressed in the present. Thus, the conference also wants to tackle relations between historical representation and position of women in politics with the situation at present. How can history inform current debates? What can we learn from history? How can we move forward in light of recent political events where certain political candidates across the whole Western world seem to propagate a return to the past and shift back towards expected roles of the position of women in politics and society? The most known example of this policy is US president Donald Trump, but he is not alone. Across Europe, political candidates with similar misogynist views are gaining power and in certain countries religious fundamentalists are grouping and demanding the ‘change’ by opposing alleged gender ideology and demanding a return to biological roles as propagated by mainstream religions. To what extent can EU and the Western world involve in events in the Third World where women have traditionally had a lower position in societies when Western countries are sinking towards the past prejudices?

These and other questions are the subject of the conference. Both individual papers and separate panel proposals are welcome.

Submissions of abstracts (up to 500 words) with an email contact should be sent to Dr Martina Topić ( by 15 August 2018. Decisions will be sent by 1st September 2018. and registrations are due by 15 September 2018. In case we collect enough abstracts earlier, we will send decisions earlier.

Centre for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences is a private institution originally founded in December 2013 in Croatia (EU). Since July 2016 the Centre is registered in Leeds, UK.

Participants are responsible for finding funding to cover transportation and accommodation costs during the whole period of the conference. This applies to both presenting and non-presenting participants. The Centre will not discriminate based on the origin and/or methodological/paradigmatic approach of prospective conference participants.

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