Code of Ethics

Code of ethics and good editorial practice:

Latin American Comparative Politics Review works under the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing laid down by COPE Committee on Publication Ethics, of free access, as well as the guidelines contained in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors by COPE. Highlighting the following specifications:

Ethical practices and Good Practices in the Publication of Articles:

Editor and Editorial Committee Responsibilities:

  • Select articles according to their priority and academic relevance, as well as according to the research lines of the Journal to be sent them to the peer reviewing process.
  • Moreover, the editor must assure the accomplishment of standards of style and content, arranged and indicated for the selection and publication of each article.
  • Accept the publication of articles according to the changes and comments done by reviewers, assuring academic rigor.
  • Publish unpublished articles that fulfill the standards of originality and citation arranged by the Editorial Committee.
  • Comply the principles, revision criteria and publishing periods.
  • Maintain the anonymity of authors and evaluators before and during the acceptance and peer reviewing process to assure the impartiality in the selection of articles that are going to be published.
  • Notify the author the acceptance or rejection of his/her sent article. In case of an affirmative response the editor must inform the author the state of the process in which his/her article is and in case of negative response the editor must inform the author the reasons for the rejection.
  • Respond in cases of conflict of interest, caring for the due process, unethical conducts according to COPE guidelines, complaint handling and articles corrections.

Responsibilities of Peer Reviewers:

  • Accept to review articles only in his/her fields of domain and expertise and adopt the evaluation structure of the formularies.
  • Comply with the deadlines for submitting their reviews, committing to contribute to the timely publication process of the Journal.
  • Inform the editor or editorial committee in case of conflict of interest in the moment of evaluating an article, maintaining the impracticality in the process, even though the reviewer is aware that the whole process of evaluation and valuation is done in anonymity.
  • Send clear evaluations, reviews, and suggestions willing to improve the article, respecting the neutrality criterion or impartiality.
  • Notify any irregularity in the content of the article or any inappropriate or unethical behavior, making a prior inquiry to corroborate this statement.

Authors responsibilities:

  • The author is responsible for the originality and authenticity of the writing. Any total or partial copy of the article invalidates its acceptance at any stage of the publication process in which the article is found. In addition, the author understands the legal obligations caused by the crime of plagiarism.
  • Respect and accept the General Directions of Style and Content indicated by the Journal, as well as, the author commits to accept or reject the reviews and editions realized by the Editorial Committee.
  • Send the Editorial only once his/ her articles to avoid duplications in the publishing process.

Access policy

The Latin America Comparative Politics Review assures the free access to the information of its contents, authorship, Copyright, published editions and editorial provisions to subscribers (if there is a quota) and readers or the gratuity thereof.

This Journal is responsible for the dissemination of the contents of accepted publications on its official website and in the indexers to which it belongs.